Highest Paid Jobs in India | 2022

Highest Paid Jobs in India: Are you looking for the highest-paying jobs in India? Many students face this dilemma after completing their studies. Today we will discuss some of the top jobs where you can get the highest salary. (Highest Paid Jobs in India).

You have walked hard all your life after your formal education. Now you are struggling to find out which scalable career path to choose which will bring numerous career opportunities in the near future. Well, the answer seems very simple. There are various emerging professions and are listed among the highest-paying jobs in India.

Every now and then, you have to be the best at what you do. Many people do not find scalability in their jobs because they just choose a career at random without mapping out the scope of the field they have chosen. You have to analyze the field first and then decide whether you are capable of doing it. At this point, many of you are looking for a position where you can grow and spread your wings.

For better understanding, we have listed the top highest paying jobs in India. Including salary, skills, responsibilities, and other essentials. Also, we have listed how you can become a successful professional in any of the professions. So friends without delay let’s start today’s article. Be sure to stay with us till the end, highest paid jobs in india.

Highest Paying Jobs in India 2022Highest Paid Jobs in India

We have discussed the top 5 highest paying jobs in India, you stay connected with us till the end to know about these highest paying jobs and read our post thoroughly from the beginning to the end. So Bandura is starting today’s topic.

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Commercial Pilot
  3. Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons)
  4. Cloud Engineers and Architects
  5. Civil Services

1. Data ScientistHighest Paid Jobs in India

Top Highest Paying Jobs in the India | 2022
Top Highest Paying Jobs in India | 2022

Data scientists are a top-paid profession that has been in demand in India for the past few years. Career opportunities in the field of data science have grown exponentially over the years in India. This is mainly because India has experienced huge technological advancements and growth over the years. And for 2020, it is expected that India is going to see a 62% increase in data science (DS) job openings.

It has emerged as a high-status profession with high salaries over the years. A data scientist is a technical analytical expert who works with large amounts of data to solve an organization’s business challenges. A data scientist is part scientist, mathematician, computer professional, and statistician, high paying jobs in india.

Eligibility- Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics. Apart from this, one should have analytical skills, technical skills, computer programming skills, data visualization, etc.

Salary: Data Science offers a salary between 4 – 12 lacs to certified experts even if they have limited or no work experience in the function making it one of the highest paying jobs in India. Data scientists with 5 years of experience get INR 60 – 70 LPA.

2. Commercial PilotHighest Paid Jobs in India

If you are someone who is always interested in flying, then this is definitely the best career option for you. Another high-paying profession, being a commercial pilot is a safe career option as you will always have travelers in all parts of the world. Apart from flying the aircraft, a commercial pilot is also responsible for all flight operations, including pre-flight checks, compliance with air traffic rules, safe operation of the aircraft, and more.

Educational Qualification: Apart from being physically fit and passing all medical tests, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a science-based subject like physics or mathematics, according to Maniview. In addition to this, individuals must hold a commercial pilot license and other licenses such as an airline transport pilot license from a recognized institution.

Salary: According to Moneyview, the average base salary of a commercial pilot is currently over Rs 17 lakh per annum. A pilot with less than one year of experience can earn around Rs 15 lakh per annum as an entry-level salary with bonuses, overtime pay, and more. With experience, the salary can go up to Rs.50 lakhs per annum, top 10 cool jobs in India.

3. Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons)

Top Highest Paying Jobs in the India | 2022
Top Highest Paying Jobs in India | 2022

Healthcare offers one of the highest-paying jobs in India. With the growing demand for medical professionals in the wake of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is expanding exponentially. Indian doctors and surgeons are highly paid, with salaries depending on specialties such as dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, healthcare administration, nursing, and medical assistant, home health aide, etc.

Common job responsibilities of medical professionals include prescribing medications, administering treatments, evaluating symptoms and diagnosing patients’ medical problems, collaborating with nurses and other health professionals, evaluating medical test results, etc

highest paid jobs in india
high paying jobs in india

Qualification Required:

Eligibility criteria for Doctors are studies at good medical colleges, Working hard during MBBS, BDS, MD, BAMS, etc After 12th Class.

Salary Range:

  • Government Hospitals – Minimum 25,000/ month.
  • Private Hospitals – Minimum Rs.35,000/ Month
  • Maximum earnings have no limit across the private practice.

4. Cloud Engineers and ArchitectsHighest Paid Jobs in India

The cloud is the future of all organizational and consumer operations. Cloud software engineers, cloud architects, and cloud infrastructure engineers are in-demand roles that are securing the best industry offerings.

According to a recent IDC report, the public cloud services market in India will touch $10.8 billion by 2025. Professionals with degrees in cloud computing equipped with programming, database management, and Linux skills can see their salaries increase by up to 60 percent.

Candidates in cloud computing earn 6-8 lakhs/annum at entry-level, 10-12 lakhs/annum at mid-level and 30 lakhs/annum at senior level. Some experienced experts in the domain can earn up to Rs 70 lakhs annually.

5. Civil ServicesHighest Paid Jobs in India

Top Highest Paying Jobs in the India | 2022
Top Highest Paying Jobs in India | 2022

Civil Services is one of the most prestigious services in India and hence one of the sought-after career paths of Indian youth. This is the reason why every year lakhs of candidates appear in the civil service exams but only a few of them manage to grab the job. Civil service jobs are highly prestigious jobs with attractive salaries, job security, and other benefits, Highest Paid Jobs in India.

If you are aspiring to become a civil servant, you have to choose between three options namely – IFS – Indian Foreign Service, IAS – Indian Administrative Service, and IPS – Indian Police Service. When we talk about the salaries of employees in these services, an IFS earns the highest among the three.


Graduate in any subject. To become a civil servant in any of the mentioned categories, one must have a graduation degree (in any field) and qualify for the Civil Services Competitive Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Highest Paid Jobs in India.

Salary Range-

 The starting monthly salary of an IAS/IPS/IFS ranges from Rs.56,000/- to  2,50,000/- plus House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance Travel Allowance (TA), and other benefits, Highest Paid Jobs in India.

Highest Paid IT JobsHighest Paid Jobs in India

Those who wish to join IT sectors can check this section of highest paid IT jobs in India and get to know what are the prospects in terms of jobs in this particular field. So have a look at some of the jobs profiles mentioned in the table below- Highest Paid Jobs in India

JobAverage SalaryEligibility
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer6 lakh (starting)Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics/Computer Science/Statistics/ IT
Data warehouse architect14-19 lakh per annumBachelor’s degree in computer or related field
Technical project manager6-7 lakh per annum (entry-level)Bachelor’s degree in a related field, Required certification and skills
Mobile Application Developer4-5 lakh per annumBachelor’s degree
Business Intelligence Analyst5-6 lakhs per annumBachelor’s degree in computer/ related field plus analytical skills
Top Highest Paying Jobs in India | 2022


I have discussed in this post the top 5 highest jobs in India and salary. I hope you have read and understood our article completely. Bookmark our website thecareerjob.com to know more about jobs like this. So that you can be the first to know the new information. Thanks so much for sticking with us till the end.

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