Meesho Hiring Fresher | Work From Home Jobs | Package-5.28 LPA | Latest Jobs 2023|Meesho

Meesho Hiring Fresher | Work From Home Jobs | Package-5.28 LPA | Latest Jobs 2023|Meesho

Meesho Hiring Fresher | Work From Home Jobs

IntroductionUnderstanding Meesho Hiring Fresher Opportunities
What is Meesho?Exploring Meesho’s Work-from-Home Model
Benefits of Meesho WorkFlexibility and Earning Potential
How to ApplySteps to Apply for Meesho’s Work-from-Home Jobs
RequirementsEligibility Criteria for Fresher Hiring
Training and SupportResources Offered for New Hires
Opportunities AvailableDiverse Job Roles and Categories
Success StoriesReal Experiences of Individuals Working with Meesho
ChallengesAddressing Potential Difficulties
Tips for SuccessStrategies to Maximize Success in Meesho
Work CultureUnderstanding Meesho’s Work Environment
Comparison with Similar PlatformsContrasting Meesho’s Features with Competitors
Growth PotentialLong-term Prospects and Advancements
FAQsCommon Queries about Meesho Hiring
ConclusionRecap and Final Thoughts

Meesho Hiring Fresher | Work From Home Jobs

Meesho Hiring Fresher | Work From Home Jobs: Exploring Lucrative Opportunities

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Discover the lucrative world of Meesho hiring for fresher opportunities in work-from-home jobs. Uncover the eligibility, benefits, and application process, diving into a platform offering flexibility, support, and growth potential.

Meesho Hiring Fresher


For individuals seeking exciting work-from-home opportunities, Meesho emerges as a beacon of possibility. The venture isn’t just about remote work; it’s about fostering a community of driven individuals eager to explore entrepreneurship. Meesho Hiring Fresher

What is Meesho?

Meesho isn’t merely a platform; it’s a revolution in remote earning. This innovative platform empowers individuals by offering a unique work-from-home model, combining social commerce with entrepreneurial spirit. Meesho Hiring Fresher

Benefits of Meesho Work

The allure of Meesho lies in its unparalleled benefits. Flexibility reigns supreme, allowing individuals to curate their schedules while tapping into substantial earning potential. Meesho Hiring Fresher

Intern – Legal at Meesho, Bangalore, Karnataka

About the Team

At Meesho, our vision is empowerment. Did you know Meesho has assisted 9 million women in establishing businesses with zero investment? As an Intern – Legal, you’ll be joining a team of over 12 professionals engaged in advisory, contracting, and new expansions.

We prioritize work-life balance, ensuring weekly review calls and regular engagement activities, fostering a friendly work environment. Meesho Hiring Fresher

About the Role

As an Intern – Legal, you’ll gain hands-on experience within our in-house legal team, a key component of one of India’s top three ecommerce companies. You’ll collaborate with company lawyers, conducting research and offering counsel on a broad spectrum of transactions. Meesho Hiring Fresher


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting research on legal queries using various databases, including Manupatra.
  • Preparing responses, notices, and notes regarding legal propositions.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts as needed.
  • Assisting the team in managing tasks related to legal compliance, research, and document management.


To be eligible for this role, you need to:

  • Be currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law.

About Meesho

Meesho stands as India’s only true e-commerce marketplace, igniting stories with inspiration and entrepreneurial vigor. We’re not just a platform; we’re partners in transforming dreams into realities.

Originating from the idea of ‘Meri shop,’ Meesho aspires to be the e-commerce destination for the next billion Indian consumers and aims to enable 100 million small businesses to succeed online. We believe in democratizing internet commerce, offering sellers industry-first benefits such as zero commission and the lowest shipping costs. Meesho Hiring Fresher

Meesho Milestones

  • Valuation of $4.9 billion and support from investors like Sequoia Capital, Softbank, and Facebook.
  • Recognition in Y Combinator’s Top Companies List and Fast Company’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.
  • 9 crore orders monthly, 13 Lakh sellers on the platform, 75% users from Tier 2+ cities in India, and more.

Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to democratize e-commerce for Bharat, making it accessible for the next billion users. We’re focused on affordability, relatability, and inclusivity.

Join Us

At Meesho, we champion a people-first culture with inclusive policies. Discover opportunities to be part of our dynamic team at

Join us on this exhilarating journey where innovation meets inclusivity, and every entrepreneur’s dream finds a home. Explore more about our story and vision through our insightful blogs!


  • Vidit Aatrey: Co-Founder and CEO
  • Sanjeev Barnwal: Co-Founder and CTO

Discover more about our culture, news, and the journey of building India’s fastest-growing e-commerce app through Meesho Blogs.

How to Apply

Entering the Meesho world is a straightforward yet exciting journey. The application process is streamlined, ensuring accessibility for freshers venturing into this realm.


Are you eligible to embark on this Meesho journey? Discover the criteria tailored for fresher hiring, ensuring an inclusive approach to onboarding talent.

Training and Support

Meesho doesn’t just recruit; it nurtures. Explore the plethora of resources and guidance available for newcomers, setting them up for success from day one.

Opportunities Available

The scope within Meesho’s ecosystem is vast and diverse. From various job roles to a myriad of categories, there’s something for every aspiring freelancer.

Success Stories

Real experiences resonate louder than promises. Hear from individuals who’ve thrived within the Meesho environment, showcasing tangible success stories.


While Meesho opens doors to boundless opportunities, understanding potential difficulties is crucial. Learn how to navigate challenges effectively.

Tips for Success

Mastering the art of thriving in Meesho’s domain requires a strategic approach. Discover tried-and-tested tips to maximize success.

Work Culture

Delve into Meesho’s unique work environment, understanding the ethos and culture that drive this thriving community forward.

Comparison with Similar Platforms

How does Meesho stand out? Compare its features and offerings with competitors, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its uniqueness.

Growth Potential

Beyond immediate gains lies the promise of long-term growth. Uncover the potential advancements and growth prospects within the Meesho sphere.

Meesho Hiring Fresher

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  • How do I apply for a Meesho work-from-home job?
  • Are there specific qualifications required to join Meesho?
  • What kind of support can I expect as a fresher at Meesho?
  • Are there any success stories from individuals working with Meesho?
  • What challenges might I face while working with Meesho, and how can I tackle them?
  • How does Meesho’s work culture foster a productive remote environment?


In conclusion, Meesho isn’t just a job platform; it’s a gateway to a thriving community fostering entrepreneurship, flexibility, and growth. Consider Meesho as a viable option in your quest for fulfilling work-from-home opportunities.


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